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Wideband Handheld Receiver

The IC-RX7 is an exciting wideband handheld receiver from Icom. Slim and stylish in design, this wideband receiver will appeal to the serious scanning enthusiast and casual listener alike. The IC-RX7 features a water-resistant construction allowing it to be used outside in wet conditions. The IC-RX7 has a menu driven user interface and intuitive controls allowing the user to scan and manage their favourite frequencies.

Wideband receiver
The IC-RX7 covers from 150kHz to 1300MHz in AM, FM, WFM modes. AM/FM radiobroadcast, air band, car racing and various other communications can be received.

Independent Scan Button - The IC-RX7 comes with preset memory channels. Select your desired listening subject and, with the push of the “Scan” button, the IC-RX7 automatically finds active channels within that area of interest.

Independent Search Button -
Channel mode and channel steps are preprogrammed for each frequency range. Easily search new active signals within a designated frequency range or fixed band with a push of the “Search” button. The auto memory write search function automatically stores detected channels in your memory. Up to 200-auto memory write channels are available.

  • Band search

  • Program search

  • Program link search

  • Basic search

  • Priority search

  • Auto memory write search

3-level Memory Management  - A total of 1600 memory channels can be organised 3 different ways: by “Category” (up to 26 categories), by “Group” (up to 100), and by “Memory Name” (up to 100). An alphanumeric name of up to 16 characters may be used for each channel, and up to 6 channels can be stored per “Memory Name” heading. In addition, each “Category” can be labeled with an icon, for faster recognition.

4-way cursor buttons and 10 button keypad - The IC-RX7 has a menu driven user interface that allows intuitive user-friendly operation. The 4-way cursor buttons provide quick navigation to menus and settings.

IPX4 splash resistant - The IC-RX7 series is designed to pass the IPX4 rating for splash resistance, ideal for wet conditions.

Stylish design and slim, lightweight body -
The IC-RX7 has a slim (23mm depth), stylish, lightweight body (just 200g with antenna and battery pack) is easy for carrying outdoors and gives you casual listening enjoyment.

Tone control function and audio filter - The tone control function allows you to boost or cut bass and treble respectively. When used with external headphones, you can enjoy high-grade WFM sound. The built-in audio low pass filter* suppresses high tone audio, and reduces high tone distortion. (* AM/WFM mode only)

8 hours* of continuous receive capability
The IC-RX7 has a BP-224 Lithium-Ion battery pack, which provides 8 hours of continuous receive*. An optional battery case is available allowing you to power the IC-RX7 with 3 alkaline cells. * Backlight off, rated audio output power.

Operating and charging from external power
The IC-RX7 has an external DC power jack for operation with the wall charger or the optional cigarette lighter cable, CP-18A/E. The Li-Ion battery pack is simultaneously charged during operation. An external 6.0V DC (±5%) power source is acceptable.

Built-in ferrite bar antenna for AM and earphone cord antenna for FM broadcasts - A built-in ferrite bar antenna clearly catches AM broadcast stations with good sensitivity. When you listen to FM broadcast stations with the optional earphone, SP-13, or headphone, HP-4, the antenna type is selectable from cord or whip in set mode.

VSC, CTCSS and DTCS tone squelch - The VSC (Voice squelch control) opens the squelch only when a modulated signal is detected and ignores unmodulated, beat noise signals. The CTCSS and DTCS tones provide quiet stand-by while waiting for a matched tone signal. This is convenient for monitoring a specified repeater, station etc. Tone scan detects a tone frequency used in a channel. The pocket beep function alerts you with a beep sound when a matched tone signal is received.

PC programming capability - With the optional cloning software, CS-RX7, memory contents such as frequencies, channel name, category, group name, set mode items, etc, can be programmed easily. In addition, the CSRX7 imports and exports data in “CSV” file format. You can easily edit the memory contents with Microsoft Excel and rewrite the IC-RX7 with CS-RX7.

Additional Features

  • Stylish design and slim, lightweight body

  • 8 hours* of continuous receive capability

  • IPX4 splash resistant

  • Independent scan and search buttons

  • Tone control function and audio filter

  • 3-level memory management

  • 4-way cursor buttons and 10 keypad

  • Operating and charging from external power

  • Built-in ferrite bar antenna for AM broadcasts

  • Earphone cord antenna for

  • FM broadcasts

  • VSC, CTCSS and DTCS tone squelch

  • PC programming capability

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